Dating for nice guys

Dump the Bad Boy Everything you do has a direct impact on your core beliefs, what you accept as normal, and how you act. But it can leave us with a pile of coping mechanisms, self-protection strategies, and flirting styles that will turn the nice guy off.

It is better to be single than to let the bad boys teach you ‘bad habits.’ The first thing you need to learn is that Charm is not enough to land a nice guy. You need time to learn who you are – not who you are told you are. Being single is not fun, but change will not happen without it.

Of the hundreds of books published this year that promote a program or plan for finding love, very few include what may be the most important strategy of all: Be kind and gentle and generous.

Kindness calms anxiety, turns sadness into joy, and keeps annoyances from igniting into arguments.

It was the legendary baseball manager Leo Durocher who coined the famous adage, “Nice guys finish last.” While you may wonder whether that’s an accurate assessment in relation to sports, it’s certainly untrue when it comes to relationships.

You will instantly boost your attractiveness by cultivating kindness, courteousness, and unselfishness as part of your daily behavior. In seventeen cross-cultural studies of what people are looking for in a marital partner, kindness was in the top two in every study.

I constantly work with women who are tired of cycling through ‘bad boys’ or dysfunctional relationships.

They want to find someone worth spending the rest of their lives with.

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